How to order

To make an order:

1. Go to “Contact us” menu.

In your message please note:

  • Your Full name, Post address, ZIP code, Country for the DELIVERY.
  • What you would like to buy (please, don’t forget to tell about the format of the video you wish: MP4 or AVI).

2. We send you an invoice with Paypal system.

3. You make a payment. 

  • You can pay with PayPal.
  • If you don’t have Paypal account, you can pay online with these credit cards:

Payment by a credit card will be made through PayPal system, because it is secured and safely for the both sides, fast and without any fees for buyers.

We also can send you invoice in EURO if it is better for you, just write us about it.


4. We prepare your order and send it to you.

We guarantee orders will be shipped to you within 1-2 working days after receiving your payment.
We provide you a tracking number, so you will be able to track your package.

5. You get your order in 2-3 weeks and enjoy it. 🙂

6. We will be thankful if you find a minute to leave us feedback in our Guest book after receiving your order. 🙂 



  • We ship only to the USA or EUROPE. If you are from Australia, please contact us first to arrange some questions about the shipping.
  • We are always ready to give you informational support about the tracking during the delivery, if any questions appear, please, feel free to ask. 🙂



We know that many people are afraid to order something via the Internet, that there are a lot of scams, who just wish your money.
We tried to think what we can do to make you sure that we are honest and really wish to help people who would like to have their own Santa Barbara collection or Cruz and Eden’s story. We also wish to convince you that we really have everything that there are on our site and that it is in the best quality you can find anywhere.
1) Please, remember – if you pay via Paypal, you always can return your money in case if you don’t get your package! It is easy and fast, you don’t have any risk.
2) If you never ordered anything via the Internet and don’t know how it works, please, find someone – your friends, relatives, children, who can help you. We are also here to help you, if you have any questions, please, feel free to ask.
3) You can ask us to send you any 5-10 episodes, you can choose their numbers yourself and we will send them to you via the Internet for free. So you willl be able to see the quality, how it will play on your computer or DVD-player or TV and be sure that we really have them!
4) Well, you can ask A Bone Martinez to admit that on the pictures in the Guest book is really him. :)) Or you can ask us to send you some more pictures how he got the package. :))
5) You can tell us what else we can do to convince you in our honestly, because we’ve already “broken our heads”, thinking of it. :))