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” … My friend – this is a treasure! A treasure. I’ve had the difficult feeling that I won’t be able to preserve my memories of those days. What a shock – to realize what you’ve done here. A treasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great, great gift. I will cherish it till the day I die.  Always, A”

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Carrie wrote on 09.06.2020 at 13:11:
I just wanted to say thanks so much and let everyone know how great this site and the service is. I bought 1989, 1990, and 1991 and all the episodes were exactly as promised. The person running the site and doing all the work is fantastic- open about the quality of the episodes and dedicated to getting people what they order. My collection is almost complete and I'm thrilled. I wish I could tell every SB fan about this site.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you, Carrie! I'm also glad that I could help you to make the collection. Santa Barbara is really a great soap, as we still have been remembering it and love it during all these years. Enjoy!
James Stuckey wrote on 21.05.2020 at 18:13:
This is my second entry in this Guestbook, but I thought it important to restate that this is high quality product provided by probably the most important person to SB since the show went off the air. By the end of this year the entirety of the series will be available for a more than fair price (especially considering the herculean effort put into it). I never thought I'd see the day! I recently purchased 1991 and received it via the internet without a hitch. If anyone is on the fence about a purchase I can put their mind at ease and recommend this product without reservation.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you for your words, James! Enjoy watching.
Mark bullock wrote on 30.04.2020 at 19:29:
Honestly the best seller I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Great price, great quality but even better a friendly, informative and extremely efficient service. I'm so grateful to be able to watch 1989 of SB and this has been made so easy for me. I will 100% be purchasing 1990 in the next few months. Thank you again whole heartedly.
Admin Reply by: Admin
You're very welcome, Mark! Enjoy watching! It was very pleasant to have deal with you for me too! The best wishes!
Dora wrote on 26.01.2020 at 03:49:
I have looked everywhere for dvd's of Santa Barbara, my favorite soap opera. I finally found this fabulous site! The purchasing process could not have been easier. The dvd quality is wonderful, especially considering how long ago this aired. The administrator could not have been more helpful...from start to finish, there was clear communication about quality specifics, pricing (very reasonable) and format options (MP4 works great on my Sony blu-ray) as well as easy, and secure payment thru PayPal. I was given a tracking number and even photos of the shipped package (to the U.S.) was about two weeks for the shipment to arrive. So professional! The memories are priceless…Thank you!!!
Jack wrote on 31.10.2019 at 02:31:
What a beautiful site. Thank you for everything you are doing. I can't wait for the Cinema Rooms to update. Your site is a real gift.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you for the nice words. It's really pleasant to read. Enjoy watching. 🙂
anita wrote on 10.01.2019 at 10:36:
Hi I am from India, and remember watching and loving Santa Barbara during my teen years - I had been hunting for a place where I could access SB and your website is a teasure trove! many thanks for your goodwork and generosity! How can i access the Cinema Rooms and watch the next five episodes week after week online? Do you upload the next five episodes in each of the rooms every week without fail? I'm sorry but youve whetted my appetite and I'm dying to watch the next few! thanks again!
Admin Reply by: Admin
Hello! Thank you for the nice words! Yes, I'm trying not to follow "timetable" - to add new 5 episodes in each room every week. I'm sorry if there is little delay, it's just because of the Holiday season, but I think that it's gone now and we will be back to our regular posts. Enjoy!
Cleo wrote on 21.10.2018 at 21:46:
Just found this site and wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. Santa Barbara really has the best fans, working so hard to preserve it. I have a lot of eps myself and am just reviewing now. When I find gaps in my collection I know where to come! Thanks again.
Admin Reply by: Admin
You're welcome! 🙂
Robin wrote on 11.10.2018 at 00:03:
Just finished the complete episodes from 1989. Purchased them in August. Loved every minute of them. Wonderful quality as usual.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you for the feedback, Robin! 🙂
Bruce P. wrote on 25.08.2018 at 03:59:
I ordered a full year of episodes and very quickly received my complete order, along with an episode guide and personal "thank you" letter. The customer service was excellent before, during, and after the sale. They were even able to find a specific episode I had been looking for for several years, even though I provided them with the incorrect show date. I would definitely recommend this seller and would buy from them again myself. Thanks!
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you very much, Bruce! It was pleasure to have deal with you.
Terri wrote on 10.08.2018 at 23:43:
Hello, I just recieved my DVD's of Cruz and Eden and they came really fast. So far so good the quality just started watching them. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to relive this great couple. They were my first fave super couple and to this day they are my number one fave couple. Though I did not like how they, tptb, ended them I will always cherish their love story for all time and just remember the good times. Reading their reunion story on here I will just imagine that's how they really ended. Thanks to all involved for creating this website and giving, us, the fans the opportunity to relive their story all over again.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you Terri for your feedback! You said exactly my thoughts about the Reunion story, in my imagination the C&E's story ended with it. Enjoy watching and I hope you'll like everything.
Karen wrote on 23.07.2018 at 20:02:
I received my DVD's and book to the USA within like 19 days. I am in heaven. These are so worth the money. They are great viewing. The CD of songs from SB is just tremendous. Please order if you can, you won't be sorry. I am so looking forward for the next set to come out.
Daniela wrote on 30.04.2018 at 17:58:
Amazing. Everything worked very good. I got my DVD s after two weeks. The contact was great. A very smart and friendly person who did a lot of amazing work. I m very satisfied about the contact, the DVD s and the gift I got. THe music of Santa Barbara. I cant wait when the last episodes are done and we can order them. Thank you so much.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you, Daniela! I hope you'll enjoy watching C&E during your hard missions in Africa.
Robin wrote on 24.03.2018 at 20:37:
Amazing DVDs! Exceeded my expectations. It's clear you put so much time and energy into making them just right. I was really surprised by how good they are. I got the MP4 format and they play great on my Sony Blu-ray players and are very clear (better than I anticipated) on my TV. Shipping to US is a little slow right now but that is due to some major weather events that we had in the area where International mail is received. It was well worth the wait. The tracking you provided was always accurate - right up to delivery day! Whenever the final DVD years are ready - I'll be here! Thank you.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you very much, Robin! It was really pleasant to have deal with you. Special thanks for the info about Blu-ray players, maybe it will help other people to make a right choice between AVI and MP4. Sure, I'll let you know when next sets are ready. 🙂
Anna Siwka wrote on 22.03.2018 at 22:38:
I was so happy to find this website. The order arrived very fast in 10 days. It just blown my mind. The DVD`s are awesome. I just can`t imagine how much work has gone into making them. Very prompt and comprehensive replays to any question. Can`t wait when the next set will become available. They are a true fans and we can only thank God that people like that exist.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you, Anna! I'm glad you liked them! You're were lucky to get them fast, usually delivery takes 2-3 weeks and even a month to the USA lately 🙁
Nancy Doak wrote on 21.01.2018 at 22:03:
I was so excited to find this website! The quality of the DVD's, books, and music CD are very professional. The order arrived faster than I expected (~1½ wks). I cannot wait to start re-living all the wonderful storylines of C&E. And I'm looking forward to the next set of DVD's. It is obvious that a lot of hard work has gone into making these keepsakes!!
RobertShoom wrote on 31.10.2017 at 08:19:
Thanks a lot for the 2nd book, my friends! Can't wait for '89 and '90. Thank you for your hard work.
Linda Griffin wrote on 23.10.2017 at 18:19:
I was delighted to receive the tapes and books for 1987 and 1988, carefully packaged and delivered quickly. I so much appreciate the hard work put into this project, and their generosity in sharing it with all of us lucky SB fans. I'm looking forward to enjoying the tapes as much as I did those for 1984-1986.
Admin Reply by: Admin
You're welcome, Linda! I hope you and your friends will like everything. Welcome back for the next sets.
James wrote on 04.06.2017 at 00:09:
Received as promised in a couple of weeks. All intact in very nice folders, with episodes uncorrupted. I'm transferring them to a hard drive as we speak in order to watch them via Plex server. Can't wait until 1988!!!
Amy wrote on 29.03.2017 at 11:32:
Ok, so I ordered these DVDS and waited for them to come. Shipping took exactly 2.5 weeks as stated. I got them a couple data ago and promptly got roped in watching them! They came well packed so they were protected during shipping. The packaging is very well done. The DVDs themselves are awesome! Very good quality. I had forgotten how funny this show could be. I am very pleased with my order and am looking forward to the next one coming out in May. Make sure to order the books as a guide to the DVDs. The guys are a pleasure to deal with and very kind and prompt. Thank you!
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you very much for the feedback, Amy! We are glad you like it. :))) Have fun!
Sabine wrote on 25.11.2016 at 15:30:
Hello Thank you for the beautyful memory. It is very great. Say to me if i can order the next dvd.
Admin Reply by: Admin
Thank you for the feedback, Sabine! We are glad you like them. 🙂 Sure, we will send you a message when the next year is ready. 😉