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Episode #136 –  7 February 1985

Until his hotel room is issued, Joe is accosted by Candy Fox, a prostitute who offers him her services. He jokes with her, explaining that he is on his honeymoon. Once Kelly and Joe are taken up in their suite, Peter invites Candy to accompany him in his room. In the Capwell residence, Eden informs her father that she disapproves of his wedding plans with Gina. Mason threatens Gina to investigate her past with Hank Judson. He ends up leaving the home not without a last remarkable speech for the party: he reveals to his father and to Eden that Lionel was with Sophia at the time of her death and could be her murderer. Eden goes to the Capwell hotel and talks with Marcello, by waiting for the return of her mother. Marcello tells her that Sophia meantime remarried to the count Armonti and that he is the stepson himself. Eden asks once again for her mother to leave the city. Marcello surprises Warren who followed the discussion behind the two-way mirror in the linen room. Sophia asks him to take back what he saw with Lionel, threatening to reveal what she knows to accuse him even more. While Kelly and Joe enter their most romantic honeymoon, in a neighbouring room Peter asks Candy to dress in the wedding dress identical to that of Kelly’s which he wants her to play the role of his cool wife. Bearing a grudge, Candy hears a tape recorder with the tape of the shouting of Veronica and panics. Understanding that he has been discovered, Peter takes tights out of his pocket and chokes the prostitute. Her shouting alerts Kelly and Joe who rush in the room and discover Candy spread on the floor, dead…

Episode #137 – 8 February 1985

Peter is again stopped to be questioned by the police. But he succeeds in passing the lie detector test delivered by Clifford. Cruz offers Joe and Kelly to move their honeymoon trip to the vacant home of her friend Frank Swanson in Palm Springs. Thanks to the inquisitiveness of a policeman, Peter raises the telephone number of this friend and calls her, by passing Joe, to find the precise address of the residence. As Warren left the police station without waiting to be questioned, Mason suspects him of trying to leave the city. In the museum, Augusta asks Elizabeth to help her sell Lionel’s pictures again to recover liquid assets. But Elizabeth refuses, having decided to put aside her artist’s career and to leave Santa Barbara for Paris. Augusta then accepts a call from Warren with which she arranges an appointment at the museum to bring him extra business before running away. But Mason and the police arrive at the time of the appointment. Warren just has the time to escape and to hide in the room where Elizabeth is. Kelly and Joe arrive at their holiday home in Palm Springs. Peter, who has arrived by air, is already there to wait for them…

Episode #138 – 11 February 1985

Mason enters the room where Elizabeth is and asks her if she saw Warren. Elizabeth says she did not. To escape the police which have currently locked the museum, Warren slips out by an air vent and joins Elizabeth who waits for him outside in her car. Mason informs Augusta that he knows that Elizabeth helped her son suspected of murder to run away. Jackie is on the telephone with her husband. She learns that his return is once again postponed. Unnerved, she goes to see Ted, to apologise for the new absences in class. But they are both interrupted by the impromptu arrival of Jeff Barber, the father of Amy’s baby. Jeff asks his past baby-friend if she made good use of the money which he had sent to her to abort. Amy answers him by showing him the round belly. She launches into abusing Jeff which causes her to suddenly feel strong pain in the belly. In Palm Springs, having made love with Kelly at the edge of the fire, Joe leaves Kelly to go shopping.  Peter uses this time to show himself to Kelly. He speaks to her as though they were both married and uses the loving speech which had used with Candy Fox the other evening. He ends up giving her a white carnation as a wedding present. Kelly tries to play the game, when Peter begins kissing her in the neck…



Episode #139 – 12 February 1985

Kelly tries to escape from the home, but Peter prevents her from it. She has a bad fall and falls unconscious. When she wakes up finally, she is in the car with Peter, hands and ankles tied. Cruz tries to find out what flusters Eden so much about Susan Carlyle. She ends up confessing to him that she is her mother, Sophia. They are suddenly interrupted by Joe’s phone call, which informs them that Kelly disappeared from the home. Peter’s doctor sent by Cruz to the Capwell residence announces his suspicion concerning Peter. In return, Dr Bresley entrusts Cruz about Peter’s fragile state of health, who risks an aneurism. In the hospital, the doctor tells Amy that the only way of avoiding a probable miscarriage is to have an operation. At the request of Amy, Jackie calls Brick and ends up telling him what is going on. When Brick arrives at the hospital, he finds Jeff. The tone goes up very quickly and both men come to use their hands. Peter stops in front of an empty home and decides to become established with Kelly there. Kelly pretends to have fainted and, during the absence of Peter, telephones Joe. But she is unable to point out to him where she is. She is then of the benefit that Peter falls asleep and she tries to run away. But Peter keeps her and slips a white carnation into her hair…

Episode #140 – 13 February  1985

Elizabeth comes to bring food to Warren, who is hidden in a stable. She is of the benefit that he is asleep to begin drawing her portrait, then thanks him for giving her the inspiration again which she needed. Warren asks her to deliver a note to the countess Armonti at the Capwell hotel to try to meet with her. Mason is surprised to see Susan Carlyle so preoccupied by the fate of Kelly. She explains it by inventing a history of a niece that died which reminds her of Kelly. Peter forces Kelly to make love with him. He leaves Kelly trussed up while he leaves to go shopping. Kelly uses this time to grab a knife in the kitchen and to slip it under sheets of the bed. Cruz, who joined Joe with Eden, centralises the search to find the car which Peter hired at the airport, when he learns suddenly that she was identified. All three arrive near the place in question and learn that Peter passed in a small trade to buy dresses for “his wife”. They are then reassured to imagine Kelly is still living. Kelly discovers how much Peter has lost his mind when he asks her where their children were! Kelly offers him to lie down again on the bed, when she grabs the knife which she hid under sheets…


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