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Episode #141 –  14 February 1985

Kelly succeeds in hurting Peter in the knee with the knife and runs away in the desert. In the hospital, the doctor of Amy brings her the results of his analyses: she risks dying if she does not perform this operation. But also includes strong risks for the baby. Brick asks her to think of her first of all and entrusts her. Elizabeth brings the note from Warren to the countess Armonti. Knowing Lionel is in prison, Sophia does not know who could write her this message. She distorts company to Marcello and arrives at the hotel Yucca Dunes, the place of previous gatherings with Lionel. She finds Warren there who asks her for her version of the link with his father. Sophia admits having been very in love with Lionel, but felt betrayed when she learnt, only one year after their meeting, that he was married to Augusta.  She tells him that she has also seen her reflexion in a mirror the evening of the death of Channing Jr and is persuaded that he is the murderer. Warren refuses to believe it, when Marcello makes his appearance to walk Sophia back home in Santa Barbara. Afterwards face to face untoward with a snake then a cougar, Kelly sees in the distance an old abandoned caravan. She locks herself indoors, but Peter sees her and begins heading for her. He succeeds in breaking the lock, with an electrical saw…

Episode #142 – 15 February 1985

Peter uses the electrical saw to cut the door of the other room of the caravan where Kelly took refuge. Kelly catches a pillow and throws it on the electrical saw which she achieves in stopping. She gets an axe, hitting Peter on the hand and escapes. Cruz, Eden and Joe spotted the home in which Peter had driven Kelly to. Joe begins losing his cool when he discovers spots of blood spread everywhere. Amy makes the choice not to have an operation in order to have a chance of the baby surviving. Brick, who fears for the life of the one that he likes, must form a line in his decision. Mason accepts the visit of Susan Carlyle at his office, who offers to give him a ring of value as a reward to find Kelly. From her departure, Mason calls Clifford who tells him, as he had told Cruz, that there is no journalist named Susan Carlyle. When she calls him later during the day, Mason recognises the place of call and discovers that it was at the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel where the countess Armonti is supposed to live. Susan has since joined Lionel in the prison. She threatens him to accuse Warren of the murder of Channing Jr if Lionel refuses to make a confession to the police. When she reminds him that she saw him in a mirror the evening of crime, Lionel tells her that it is impossible because he was not at this place at that moment. But their confrontation does not last because, suddenly, Mason enters the room and asks Susan what she is doing with Lionel. Still escaping in the desert, Kelly finds an abandoned car. Clairvoyant Peter is to arrive in the distance, she makes it seem as though she has gone indoors, but is going to hide in fact in the back and ignites an end of a cloth at the entrance of the reservoir. She just has the time to escape when, suddenly, while Peter opens the door before, the car blows up…

Episode #143 – 18 February 1985

Kelly gets closer to the blazing car and finds Peter laying on the soil. She goes up to him, when Peter wakes up and tries to catch her. But Kelly hits him and escapes by running. Lionel tries to get Sophia out of this bad situation by informing Mason that Susan Carlyle and the countess Armonti are one in the same. With Mason becoming menacing, Lionel hits him violently to the face. Of benefit that Mason is unconscious, Lionel tells Sophia his version of the facts of evening of the death of Channing Jr. He was in fact in the room of Channing Jnr to search for proof that Channing Jnr could have a link with Sophia, when C.C. and Philip locked the room. It is while he was searching for a means to get out of the room that Lionel heard the cries of the guests discovering that Channing Jr had been killed. Even if she refuses to admit him, Sophia begins doubting her certainties concerning Lionel. In the Lockridge residence, Brick is seen by Minx approaching Amy’s hospital bed. He discovers that Minx knows his father and seems to know all about the family. But Minx refuses to say anymore about it to him and anyway seems very tied sentimentally to Brick. Mason comes to find Susan / The countess Armonti afterwards at the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel and asks her who she really is and why she came to Santa Barbara. Sophia gets lost in the explanation of a traitor of which Mason believes. Cruz, Eden and Joe learn by radio that a blazing car was spotted in full desert by the helicopter. Joe goes to this place and ends up finding Kelly safe and sound. But no trace of Peter is found. Peter is at this moment on board of a van driven by a brown young woman. Peter’s eyes seem to awake suddenly when the radio announces the issues surrounding a young woman and the description of the carnation killer…



Episode #144 – 19 February 1985

Eden and Cruz make love for the first time. Cruz then accepts a call from the police station: Lucy Daly, the driver of the van who took Peter whilst hitchhiking, came to testify that he had admitted to being the carnation killer. She tells them that she succeeded in jumping from her vehicle in motion while Peter, who called her by firstname Kelly, became more and more menacing. Eden recommends to Kelly to keep a weapon with her. Augusta is also at the police station, eager to visit Lionel. She surprises a brown woman with glasses whilst getting out of the visiting room and starts talking with Eden. She follows this woman to the car park and enters at the side of her car, asking her how she knows her husband. The woman tells her that her name is Susan Carlyle, but when Augusta gets the name of aforementioned car by means of the number plate, she gets the name of the countess Armonti. She goes to the Capwell hotel, but the Countess refuses to answer her questions. In the hospital, Amy learns that the baby is safe and sound and that she can go back home. She and Brick finally confess their love, but Amy quickly changes her mind when she discovers Brick in the corridor to be kissed by Elizabeth. Elizabeth came in fact to ask Brick to prepare business for her which she will be able to bring to Warren. The evening came, Brick is attacked by two men at Amy’s. He succeeds however in gaining the upper hand and learns from them that they were paid by Jeff Barber. Brick finds him in State Street bar and hits him again, demanding that he go back to San Fransisco. Back in Santa Barbara, Peter stuns the policeman posted in front of the entrance of his flat when he comes back home. He type-writes a letter intended for Kelly where he asks her to forgive him for the trouble which he caused to all these women and to his sister, and that he decided to leave to begin again. He then takes his business and queues by the window. From her departure, a mysterious person enters the flat and types other lines on the letter. Eden and Cruz, learning of Peter’s return, go home and read with amazement the last sentences of the letter, a secret which he would have still revealed to nobody…

Episode #145 – 20 February  1985

The end of Peter’s letter proves to be a confession that he is also the murderer of Channing Jr. Ted shares this news with Laken, explaining to her that her father is going to be finally released from prison. Jackie received a letter from her husband who tells her that he is sick and that he will still not be able to come back as planned without permission. Ted invites her to the party with him to comfort her, to stop him thinking of Laken. Augusta goes back to see the countess Armonti, who lies to him about the reason of her meetings with Lionel. Augusta is persuaded to have already seen her somewhere. After a stage of jealousy with Lionel, she goes to the Capwell residence to find Eden there. She asks her for information on the countess Armonti. Eden just tells her to watch out for it if she is fond of Lionel. Lionel is finally released from prison by Mason and comes back home. Augusta and Laken celebrate his return with him and champagne. Augusta, looking at Sophia’s photo which she stole when she was with Eden, realises that the Countess and Sophia are one in the same…


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