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Santa Barbara full episodes
Hi everyone,

We are also sorry for all the fans that youtube closed some channels which showed Santa Barbara episodes. It was the easy way to watch them there and to share thoughts and emotions, it was fun and it was big work for sure.

We want to make a point that it was not our wish that those channels would be closed as someone can start to think! We are here for a long of time, the channels are there for a long of time too and everything we make – we make ourselves, we didn’t copy episodes from youtube, as we have a lot of episodes ourselves, even in many variants.

We would like to improve the situation somehow for the fans, we decided to show our episodes here, on this site. We just want to help Santa Barbara to stay alive! We don’t want to make a channel on any public video hostings as it can be the same situation as we’ve already got now.

There is no much place to keep all episodes available here on this site, to watch them at any time, we decided to show them in order one after another, without any breaks, deleting “old” and posting “new” ones. There is just this way to avoid this limit.

We created several “cinema rooms”, so you can choose where to start yourself.
We’ll add 5 new episodes in each room every week, when we reach #200, #400, #600, #800, #1000, #1200, #1400, we will go back to the beginning. So you can start to watch at any place you wish. We will add new rooms in the future.

If someone wishes to make his own SB collection on dvds in very good quality and to watch it on your big tv-screen or computer anytime you want, please, contact us, we will be glad to help you too. You can visit the page Collection to see more info. Quality of the episodes is better than you can watch on the site online because we convert them to make their size less to upload them here.


ROOM 1 :  Episodes #1-200

ROOM 2:  Episodes #201-400

ROOM 3:  Episodes #401-600

ROOM 4:  Episodes #601-800

ROOM 5:  Episodes #801-1000

ROOM 6:  Episodes #1001-1200

ROOM 7:  Episodes #1201-1400

ROOM 8:  Episodes #1401-1800